Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kendall's latest episode of The Hunted is up!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Join "The Hunted"


So why should you join The Hunted, fight vampires, and help create the coolest first-ever web series based on user content? Other than the sheer coolness of it and the possibility of winning $1000, we've compiled our list of Top Ten reasons to bring you over to the dark side (we have cookies!)

1. Win $1000!
Did we already mention $1000? Regular contests offer cash prizes including 1000 freakin dollars for best episode!

2. Professional Judges
Episodes are judged by a panel of Hollywood professionals including directors, writers, stunt coordinators and talent agents. Click here for a list of judges from our last contest.

3. Exposure
The Hunted is one of the longest running shows online and has a ready-made following of fans and filmmakers around the world. Regardless of where you live, you can be a part of a show based in Los Angeles.

4. Showcase Your Skills
Thanks to The Hunted, our first contest winner in Oregon not only landed a part in the TV series "Leverage", he also signed with a top Hollywood agent.

5. It's Easy
Episodes are only 6-8 minutes long and can be shot practically anywhere in a single weekend. And it's definitely easier than creating an entire web series from scratch - designing a website, building a fanbase, marketing the thing, and having to come up with episodes every day to keep your fans engaged.

6. It's Cheap
Thanks to reality TV, episodes can be shot on virtually no budget with a minimum of equipment, cast and crew.

7. It's Cool
And vampires are hot!

8. Try Something New
It's the perfect opportunity for a writer to act, an actor to direct, or someone who has no experience whatsoever. All three winners of our first contest had never done anything like this before. And many of our contest winners have also gone on to become "affiliates" with their own spinoff shows and custom URL like

9. You've Got Nothing to Lose
Unlike many online contests, there's no cost to enter, you keep all rights to your video and you will definitely gain some practical experience and cool footage!

10. Go for it!
Stop waiting around for someone to give you the time, money or permission to shoot something. Give it a shot! Besides, there's vampires that need slayin.

Sounds cool, so what do I do?

Simply post your episode to your Youtube account and send us the link.
We'll add it to our playlist and your episode will be automatically entered into our next contest.

For more info on creating your own episode, check out our tips page or contact us at and we can work with you to develop an idea that's in keeping with the concept of the show.
(Note: you can't kill our vamps with a stake)

If you'd like to help shoot an episode, The Hunted needs actors, writers, directors, editors, musicians, VFX artists, stuntmen, producers, extras, and regular folk who just want to kick some vampire ass. Post your info on our "Slayer Central" bulletin board or our Facebook group.

And finally, if you'd rather not bother mucking about slaying vampires, you can simply become one of our Official Sponsors and donate by clicking on the Paypal link below (thank you - you rock!).

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just in time for Halloween - Part 2 of "Ghost Hunted" is online!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The latest episode of The Hunted (Ghost Hunted) is now online!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Latest mini-sode of The Hunted is online!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

AOF Screening and Comic Con!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting The Hunted at the Action on Film Screening last Tuesday night in Pasadena. It was awesome seeing all the episodes on a big screen and hearing an audience respond. Unfortunately, that's one of the things you miss when you create an internet series.

In attendance was our favorite nemesis "Vincent Marlowe", Anthony DeLongis (winner of the 2010 AOF Dragon Award) along with his entire entourage of students, minions and his lovely wife Mary, Jason McNeil of "Stars Stunts Action", Derek Conley all the way from "The Hunted: Tampa", swordmaker David Baker, Bret Culpepper of "The Hunted: Slayers Inc" and his "Huntedmobile" (yep, you heard me), Camden Toy (of Buffy fame) who was featured in Abbie Bernstein's Hunted episode "Overlords, Inc." (also in attendance), Brian Maris - director of the award-winning Hunted episode "Bloodsucker Punch", Andrew Helm - featured in the Hunted episode "Rendezvous", and my gal Jessica Cail who was featured in the Hunted episode "Breakthrough".

Not in attendance was Kendall Wells, even though he was practically in every episode shown that night including "Don't Try This at Home", "Desert Storm" and a fantastic new short he just put together with Anthony DeLongis called "Blood Trail", which won the AOF award for "Best Western".

And if that's not enough, last weekend also had the Hunted in the midst of the cosmic chaos that is San Diego Comic Con! Together with our booth babes Kimberly Fox, Chelsea Povall (both featured in "Con Job 2") and Jessica Cail (who produced the hell out of that episode), we rocked the Con and passed out almost 1000 "Bite Me" buttons in the first couple days. We could've passed out another 10,000 if we had them.

Had some great meetings and met up with some old/new friends including Len Wein (Creator of Wolverine), Mark Ryan (Transformers), Camden Toy (Buffy), Joe Gatt (Thor), TJ Storm (Conan), Sean Rourke (First Person Shooter), Michael Scott (Ryan vs Dorkman), and Michael Coleman (Con Job 2).

Yea, just a little overwhelming, but at least none of us got stabbed (even though I was carrying a couple swords which made security a little nervous), but we all survived with our inner geek intact.

Oh yea, and the TRON set behind Flynn's arcade was freakin awesome! For more pictures of all the awesomeness, check out our facebook album at

Monday, July 19, 2010

Action on Film Screening

Sweet! We've got an official screening time for "The Hunted" at the "Action on Film" Festival in Pasadena. The showing will be Tuesday July 27 at 10:30pm at the Regency Academy Theater - 1003 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105

Yea, it's kind of a sucky time - a Tuesday night at 10:30pm when I'm usually settling down to waste a few hours on Facebook finding out what my 800 closest friends had for lunch that day, but at least it's not during Comic Con, which is where we will be from July 21st to the 25th. I'm really hoping you guys can come out and support the show. It'll be cool (and a bit intimidating) to see it in a full-size theater with an audience.

Once again, the episodes will honor our favorite nemesis, Vincent Marlowe (Anothony DeLongis), who will be receiving the AOF 2010 Dragon Award. AOF has been kind enough to provide us with over an hour of programming which includes "Rendezvous", "Breakthrough", "Desert Storm", and Abbie Bernstein's episode "Overlords, Inc". Also featured will be the winner of our last contest "Bloodsucker Punch".

I only wish I could get everyone in for free. Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 online (and an extra $2 for 3D glasses - not that the episodes are in 3D, but you can still wear 'em and we'll throw popcorn at you or something).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Hunted - Update!

So what's been going on with The Hunted you ask? Even though it's not "contest season", The Hunted, our fans and affiliates - "Chronicles of Kendall", "The Hunted: Tampa", and "Expulsion" are busy writing, shooting and editing new episodes as we speak!

Episodes in the works also include the further adventures of "Leroy", an episode shot at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire by Bret Culpepper, the long-awaited LA "Audition" episode, and an all-out uber-episode combining multiple affiliates and slayers coming together in the St Louis area in October (where slayers go to die!)

And if you've ever considered shooting an episode of The Hunted, now is the time! Not only are all new episodes eligible for the next contest (our last contest featuring $2300 in cash and prizes), winning episodes are being featured at film festivals across the country...

The Hunted will once again be appearing at the insanely huge San Diego Comic Convention ( which will be screening "Con Job 2" - shot at the convention last year featuring comic book legends "Len Wein and Marv Wolfman. Also in attendance will be our lovely Hunted "booth babes" Kimberly Fox and Chelsea Povall.

The Action on Film Festival ( will be honoring our favorite nemesis, Vincent Marlowe (Anothony DeLongis), who will be receiving the AOF 2010 Dragon Award. The festival will be featuring Anthony's episodes from The Hunted including "Rendezvous", "Breakthrough", "Desert Storm", and Abbie Bernstein's episode "Overlords, Inc". Also featured will be the winner of our last contest "Bloodsucker Punch".

The Vampire Film Festival will be held in New Orleans once again this year ( and I'm hoping to be in attendance to screen the winning episodes of The Hunted video contest: "Bloodsucker Punch", "Desert Storm", and "Infiltration".

Finally, congrats to our Hunted affiliate Kendall Wells! Thanks in part to Kerry Glover and Anthony DeLongis (official contest judges) Kendall was offered a role on "Leverage" that was supposed to be just a stunt guy, but when they realized he could act, they offered him a bigger role with the possibility of returning for another episode. During the last contest, Kendall also caught the eye of talent agent Michelle Braverman, and now has representation through KSR - one of the leading acting / action stunt agencies in Los Angeles!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

$1000 Youtube Contest Results - for real this time!

The results of the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest are in! Yes, finally. Much like our last contest, this was an extremely close competition and I want to thank all of the entrants for their hard work. I also want to thank all our judges for taking the time to carefully consider all of the entries.

Once again, our judges included: Fight Coordinator Richard Ryan (Dark Knight), Comic Book Legend Len Wein (Creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing), Writer & Executive Producer Gillian Horvath (Highlander), KSR Action Aces Agent Michelle Braverman, Swordmaster Anthony DeLongis (Fearless), and Writer / Critic Abbie Bernstein. Also in attendance at the LA screening were Associate Producer Kerry Glover (Leverage) and past Hunted winner Jason Wong ("Ultimate Weapon").

Remember that episodes were judged based on ALL criteria including acting, action, story, production value, comedy, and Youtube hits and ratings, and while there were episodes that had the best scores in a select category, it was the episodes that averaged best in all categories that made for the best overall Hunted episode!

Congrats guys!

Brian Maris, LA

Kendall Wells, OR

Chris Fields and Derek Conley, Tampa, FL

Kendall Wells, OR

Kendall Wells, OR

Brian Maris, LA

Brian Maris, LA


Brett Jones, Tampa, FL

Brian Peters, St Louis

Ned Donovan, NY

Kendall Wells, OR

Kendall Wells, OR

Fred Kracke, South Africa

All entries along with the winning episodes can be viewed online at

For detailed stats, check out

$1000 Youtube Contest Results

...aren't in yet, but just I wanted to make sure that there are no hard feelings out there when the winners are announced. We're also waiting on the last of our online judges.

Yea, sorry guys, I know it's a bit of a tease (call it dramatic tension), but you should know that there were some really awesome entries and I'm just thankful that I'm not making this decision alone. We've got 8 judges, professionals in the industry, and the winning episodes had to have a combination of all of the criteria - acting, action, story, production value, and comedy.

We had some awesome entries last year that had amazing story, production value, and action sequences, but there was no comedy. Conversely, there were some hysterically funny episodes with no action. Futhermore, Youtube hits do count, but they are weighted against all the other criteria. Yea, we've got some serious statistics crunching going on here to make sure this is completely fair.

I just want to thank everyone for being a part of this contest, and I know it's a cliche, but I dig every one of these episodes. To me, the contest is about generating buzz, gaining momentum, attracting more sponsors, and getting folks to create their own content - something that no other internet show has been able to do. The reason Youtube has become the number one watched channel in the world is because it's based on user content. You guys are part of something new and it's quite awesome to see the show develop a life of it's own on virtually no budget.

OK, enough said. The next update will be contest results - I promise!

The Hunted Contest Screening!

I just wanted to thank all of our contest entries for their submissions and their hard work. The quality of the episodes just keeps getting better all the time. We had 21 submissions - almost twice the number of episodes as the first contest.

Once again, the screening was held in Los Angeles on Saturday evening, April 17th. In attendance on the night of the screening were comic book legend Len Wein and his wife Chris, Swordmaster Anthony DeLongis and Mary, KSR Action Aces agent Michelle Braveman and her husband Jeff, and film critic Abbie Bernstein. Also stopping by were Kerry Glover (Associate Producer on Leverage), and past Hunted contest winner Jason Wong ("The Ultimate Weapon").

Together, armed with a professional screening room (thanks to New Deal Studios), an armful of popcorn and concession-type junk food (Goobers were the favorite), and a modicum of alcohol, we waded valiantly through the episodes and had a great time laughing at all the right places (and a few of the wrong ones).

We did learn an important lesson though. Just because you have a full-size projection screen theater doesn't mean you have to use the entire screen. Reality-type footage can get a bit crazy for the folks sitting in the front row (remember Cloverfield). At some point Anthony made the joke that the first place winner should get a tripod. We learned our lesson though, and resized the episodes to a more potable format.

We're hoping to announce our winners tonight, although we're still waiting for a few online votes. And even though Richard Ryan (Fight Master on Dark Knight) is working on a feature film on the other side of the world, and Gillian Horvath is currently working on her show Sanctuary somewhere in the great white north, they have both taken time out of their busy schedules to watch the episodes and send us their votes.

So what's next for the Hunted? The contests have certainly been successful in generating interest, building a fanbase, and gaining the interest of sponsors. It should be noted that any episodes produced at this point will be eligible for future contests, and the sooner the better when it comes to amassing Youtube hits.

In addition to the contests however, the show now has several affiliates who are producing their own content and the hopes are that we can get them funding to keep doing what they are doing. In lieu of sponsors, I'm planning on implementing the same microfinancing techniques used on sites like Kickstarter to raise funding for these shows.

As far as our own LA based chapter of The Hunted, the hopes are to resurrect and shoot our long-lost hour long pilot episode with funding from private investors, microfinancing, or cable networks like Spike, FX or Syfy.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hunted contest entries are online!

No thanks to the plague of technical problems experienced by our intrepid filmmaking slayers which we choose to blame on the mischievous Krayven, 21 Hunted episodes have been submitted to the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest!

The deadline for entries was April 12th, but the judging isn't until April 17th, so you've got until Saturday to check out the episodes and vote! And yes, episodes will be judged in part by Youtube hits and votes - so get cracking'!

Featured among the entries are a buncha great episodes from our affiliates - 2 episodes from Chris and Derek's show in Tampa, 3 episodes from Ned's "Expulsion" in New York with another episode from their instructor Mark in St Louis, and 4 from "The Chronicles of Kendall" in Oregon (a freakin' slaying machine). Oh yea, and there's that episode from freakin' South Africa!

There's a bunch more great episodes out there and I want to list them all, but I can't play favorites. I'm so glad we've got like eight judges since there are so many good episodes and it would be impossible (and potentially lethal) for one person to pick a winner. The last contest was extremely close and I hope folks realize that even if they don't win, the show is building some great momentum as one of the first Interactive Fiction (IF) web series, and the episodes are getting noticed. And not just by our awesome judges Richard Ryan, Gillian Horvath, Len Wein, Matt Gratzner, David Boushey, Anthony DeLongis, Michelle Braverman and Abbie Bernstein.

I'm happy to announce that after the first contest, Kendall Wells was seen in his episode "Don't Try This at Home" by a script coordinator on the TV show "Leverage". His information was passed onto casting and through a few other contacts (including our own Anthony DeLongis), he now has landed a featured role on the show. I have no idea where he had the time to whip out four new episodes.

So with a little luck and no interference from Krayven, the winners will be announced by the end of the weekend. Congrats again to all the entries, and for anyone who missed the deadline, know that any future episodes will eligible for the next contest.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Two new interviews are now online for The Hunted:

IF Magazine
"Creator Robert Chapin is one of The Hunted"

and SciFinal's
"Creator's Corner"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Hunted - Update!

The $1000 Youtube contest is heating up and we've got all kinds of awesome news.

First up, our contest deadline has been extended to April 12th. We've had some great response and/or pleas from folks who need just a little more time to make their episodes truly kickass, folks who just found out about the contest, and folks who are still wondering what a codec is. But take note this is our last reprieve since judging will take place on April 17th, and we need at least a week to allow folks to vote on episodes and prep for our screening night.

I've only heard bits and pieces about some of the episodes in the works. From what I understand, we've got episodes shooting in LA, New York, Missouri, Oregon, Tampa, England and Africa. And from what I've seen so far, the episodes are looking awesome!

Here's a few shots from Brian Peters' episode "Bite Club" shot at the amazing City Museum in St Louis:

Spenser Coates (recently seen in Con Job 2) has put together a trailer for her episode "The Hunted Goes to Book Club" with a few recognizable faces from The Dungeonmaster show in LA:

And thanks to the folks who hustled to the set of Brian Maris' episode last week in LA. For those of you who don't know, Brian has some serious credits working on shows like "Dark Knight".

And if you haven't seen 'em yet, we've got three contest episodes online, so check 'em out and vote! Two episodes are from our affiliate in Oregon that can... not... be... stopped! Kendall Wells, aka "The Chronicles of Kendall", keeps cranking out kickass episodes with "Desert Storm" and "Hunted? Hunted". The third contest entry is from Ned Donovan, a student of Mark Bedell's in Ithaca, NY called "Expulsion" Ned has teamed up with his theater department to come up with an entire season of his series and we're proud to announce them as our third official affiliate "The Hunted - Expulsion"

So what's with this affiliate thing? Affiliates are uber-talented but crazed individuals who have expressed an interest in producing ongoing content for The Hunted. They will be our focus for future sponsorship through programs like Kickstarter and If you have an interest in becoming an official affiliate, contact us at

You'll also notice that affiliates are now featured in our new episode listing page ( along with fan episodes, contest episodes, and a listing of our top ten Hunted episodes ( If you've got a favorite episode and you'd like to see it in our top ten, check out our new poll at

In marketing news, The Hunted is now listed with - a listing of virtually every sci-fi/fantasy internet show out there.

Winners from the first $1000 Youtube contest have been submitted to San Diego's 2010 Comic-Con Film Festival along with the episode "Con Job 2" which was also submitted to Dragon Con in Georgia.

Derek Conley (our Tampa Affiliate) was featured on the talk radio show "Until You Walk the Path, You Don't Know Where it Goes" where he "pimped the hell out of The Hunted" - thanks Derek!

And finally, I have been interviewed by "IF Magazine" about the Hunted, it's origins, and all sorts of things I commented on that I'll someday regret. I'll definitely post the article which should be online soon.

Thanks for the support guys - I can't wait to see these contest episodes!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Contest Judge - Michelle Braverman!

We are pleased (nay, thrilled) to announce that we have a new judge for our upcoming Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest:

Michelle Braverman - Agent / Director of Action Aces KSR (, one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood. Michelle's clients have worked in such films as "Pirates of the Carribbean", "Spiderman", "Flags of our Fathers", "3:10 to Yuma", "Panet of the Apes", "Transformers", "Alias", and "Buffy".

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second $1000 Youtube Contest Judges Announced!

The Hunted is proud to announce our awesome lineup of judges for the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest! Once again, in addition to the cash and prizes, it's a great opportunity for anyone producing an episode to have their work seen by top industry professionals such as...

Richard Ryan ( - Fight Coordinator for feature films such as "Sherlock Holmes", "The Dark Knight", "Golden Compass", "Stardust" and "Troy". He is also the only British Fight Master to hold Master status in the Society of American Fight Directors.

Matthew Gratzner ( - Co-owner of New Deal Studios (, producer of award-winning visual effects in films such as "Dark Knight", "Iron Man", "Watchmen", "Spiderman", "X-men", "Riddick", "Pitch Black", "Alien Resurrection", "Resident Evil 3" and "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Matthew has also recently been signed as the Director for the feature film "UFO".

Gillian Horvath ( - Creative Consultant, Producer, and Writer for TV shows such as "Highlander", "Xena", "Beastmaster", "Forever Knight", "Painkiller Jane", "Flash Gordon", "Queen of Swords", "Mythquest", and "Andromeda".

Len Wein ( - Comic book legend, writer and editor for Marvel and DC Comics, writer for TV shows such as "Human Target" and "X-Men", and creator of numerous superhero characters including "Wolverine" and "Swamp Thing".

David Boushey ( - Stunt Coordinator and Swordmaster who has been in the business for 35 years working on shows such as "Highlander" and "Twin Peaks". Founder of the Society of American Fight Directors and United Stuntman's Association, he currently runs the International Stunt School in Washington (

Anthony Delongis ( - SwordMaster, Weapons Expert and Actor credited in films such as "Fearless", "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull", "The Rundown", "Secondhand Lions", "Batman Returns", "Far and Away", "Sword and the Sorcerer", "Masters of the Universe", and on TV in shows such as "Highlander", "Star Trek Voyager", "Babylon 5", "Queen of Swords", "Magnificent Seven", "Sinbad", and "Conan".

Abbie Bernstein - Film Critic and Writer for Fangoria, Drama-Logue, IF Magazine, Dreamwatch, Drama-logue, and writer for books guides on Firefly, Serenity and Fantastic Four.

I will also be on the judging panel ( as Writer / Actor / Series Producer for "The Hunted", Star of "Ring of Steel" and "Dragon Fury", Fight Choreographer, Second Unit Director, and VFX artist on films such as "Shutter Island", "X-Men", "Cloverfield", "Riddick" and "Fantastic Four".

Note that our panel may change subject to professional commitments, and if there are any suggestions for additional or future judges (directors, agents, producers, casting directors) let us know!

Once again the episodes will be judged based on an average of votes between all of our judges along with Youtube channel views & ratings. The criteria for judging will include acting, action, storyline, production value & comedy with additional judging for best action sequence, hottest female vamp, best featured fangs and best 30 second Vampfangs commercial (which may or may not be part of an episode).

And once again, that's $2300 in cash and prizes for:
First Place - $1000
Second Place - $500
Third Place - $250
Best Action Sequence - $100
Hottest Female Vampire - $100
Best episode featuring Vampfangs - $100 (online credit)
Best Vampfangs Commercial - $250

Deadline is still April 1st - plenty of time to put an episode together. Two of our winning episodes from the last contest were shot and edited in under two weeks. Here's what they had to say:

So good luck guys and happy hunting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hunted Update!

So all kinds of things brewing here at The Hunted...

First off, we have finalized our contest judges for the Second $1000 Youtube Contest which I will be announcing in our next blog entry.

Secondly, The Hunted is now listed at - "The last stop for independent sci-fi online", and we're in the process of registering with which will distribute the show to the rest of the known metaverse and help to monetize the show, which will go back towards shooting more (and better) episodes. Another website we're looking into is Kickstarter, which has developed a sleek business model for microfinancing film projects. Our plan is to allow filmmakers to propose Hunted episodes on our main site which can then be funded by our fans.

But wait, there's still more... my latest interview with Chris Makey and his blog "Guestar" is now online at - hopefully I don't sound like too much of an idiot.

As for how our Second $1000 Youtube Contest is going, I'd like to talk about all the cool episodes that are in the works, but nobody tells me anything. It seems everyone wants to keep their episodes secret until the last minute, but I do get an occasional update from time to time:

Our newest affiliate in Tampa ( and good friends Chris Fields and Derek Conley have recently held auditions for their next several episodes. They've also secured some amazing talent for their soundtrack including the local band "Seven Years Past". Most amusing is that their spinoff character Krayven not only has his own Facebook page, but now has a hilarious Q&A at

There are also rumors of followup episodes from our first contest winners Kendall Wells and Jason Wong, Dungeonmaster alum Spenser Coates (from Con Job 2) and what sounds like a kickass episode shot at the awesome City Museum in St Louis by Taurus Stunt Award winner Brian Peters. But I think I'm most excited about the prospect of The Hunted becoming an international series with episodes in the works in the UK, Denmark, and South Africa! Sweet!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Contest Categories - Update

Awesome news guys, our longtime sponsor Vampfangs ( has agreed to sponsor a couple new contest categories. They are offering $100 online credit for best Hunted episode featuring their custom fangs. If you haven't seen their site, it's worth checking out. They have the best vampire teeth around, but they also feature cool FX contact lenses, makeup, costumes, jewelry, and more.

What's more, Vampfangs is offering an additional $250 in cash for "Best Vampfangs Commercial" which will air on their homepage with credits to the winner. The commercial can be 30-60 seconds and can either be part of a Hunted episode or a separate commercial.

But wait, there's more! The $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest now has two new contest categories - "Best Action Sequence" and "Hottest Female Vampire", both of which are offering an extra $100 cash prize.

So this is how it breaks down:
First Place - $1000
Second Place - $500
Third Place - $250
Best Action Sequence - $100
Hottest Female Vampire - $100
Best episode featuring Vampfangs - $100 (online credit)
Best Vampfangs Commercial - $250

Which means the contest now features $2300 in cash and prizes. Sweet! More than enough for a year's supply of Chalupa Grande meals! But you might want to get busy. Once again, the contest deadline is April 1st!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hunted - Affiliate Update!

Good news for Kendall Wells, winner of our first $1000 Hunted Youtube competition. Kendall's winning episode "Don't Try This at Home" was seen by Kerry Glover, script coordinator on the TV show "Leverage" which shoots in Kendall's hometown of Portland, OR. Kerry passed Kendall's information on to Lana Veenker (casting director for Leverage, Twilight, and The Road) and Christian Kane (one of the leads). Production on the next season of "Leverage" begins early this year and we're keepin our fingers crossed for Kendall!

In the meantime, Kendall is shooting his latest episode of The Hunted for the upcoming $1000 Youtube contest, and has recently finished editing yet another Hunted epic "Desert Storm" shot on location at "Rancho Indalo" featuring Anthony Delongis and an all-Aussie stunt cast. Kendall is also one of our first official Hunted "Affiliates" - producing Hunted episodes under their own banner and URL. You can find his new series "Chronicles of Kendall" at

We're also proud to announce our Hunted Affiliate "The Hunted - Tampa" ( Chris Fields and Derek Conley have planned to follow up their pilot "Crossing the Line" with two new episodes which will be casting in Tampa at the end of the month. That is, unless their nemesis Krayven has anything to say about it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Update! Contest Deadline Extended & Streamy Awards

Holy crap, it's 2010! When did that happen? And where's my flying car? "Avatar" rocks by the way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest is underway and I've heard rumors of some awesome episodes in the works - several of which are overseas (England and South Africa of all places).

The one thing I have heard for certain is that folks wish there was more time to shoot and edit an episode. Well it just so happens that the CUT film festival has been pushed back which allows us to reschedule our deadline for April 1st.

So if you were thinking that there wasn't enough time to put together a kickass episode, think again! Even if you weren't thinking about shooting an episode, c'mon guys, it's $1000, great exposure, and the success of our show depends on as much content as we can get!

Also in the news, The Hunted is up for a STREAMY AWARD (really wish they would change that name) for "Best Experimental Series". Public voting ends this Friday and we could use your vote at (once again, our official URL is

Still to come - we are finalizing our list of judges for the $1000 Youtube contest and we're keeping our fingers crossed in the hopes of some awesome news. We're also hoping to announce a few new contest categories & prizes thanks to our fans and sponsors. Finally, The Hunted is planning on attending this year's San Diego "Comic Con" and LA's "Action on Film Festival" with the intention of screening our contest winners and spreading the word.

Like it or not, it's 2010. It may not be the party that you hoped for, but as long as you're here you might as well dance.

Thanks for watchin' guys!