Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hunted Update!

So all kinds of things brewing here at The Hunted...

First off, we have finalized our contest judges for the Second $1000 Youtube Contest which I will be announcing in our next blog entry.

Secondly, The Hunted is now listed at - "The last stop for independent sci-fi online", and we're in the process of registering with which will distribute the show to the rest of the known metaverse and help to monetize the show, which will go back towards shooting more (and better) episodes. Another website we're looking into is Kickstarter, which has developed a sleek business model for microfinancing film projects. Our plan is to allow filmmakers to propose Hunted episodes on our main site which can then be funded by our fans.

But wait, there's still more... my latest interview with Chris Makey and his blog "Guestar" is now online at - hopefully I don't sound like too much of an idiot.

As for how our Second $1000 Youtube Contest is going, I'd like to talk about all the cool episodes that are in the works, but nobody tells me anything. It seems everyone wants to keep their episodes secret until the last minute, but I do get an occasional update from time to time:

Our newest affiliate in Tampa ( and good friends Chris Fields and Derek Conley have recently held auditions for their next several episodes. They've also secured some amazing talent for their soundtrack including the local band "Seven Years Past". Most amusing is that their spinoff character Krayven not only has his own Facebook page, but now has a hilarious Q&A at

There are also rumors of followup episodes from our first contest winners Kendall Wells and Jason Wong, Dungeonmaster alum Spenser Coates (from Con Job 2) and what sounds like a kickass episode shot at the awesome City Museum in St Louis by Taurus Stunt Award winner Brian Peters. But I think I'm most excited about the prospect of The Hunted becoming an international series with episodes in the works in the UK, Denmark, and South Africa! Sweet!