Friday, January 9, 2009

Funny or Die!

The Hunted is now on Funny or Die! Your mission - please don't let us die. No pressure or anything...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Year of The Hunted

It's a new year and a whole new start to The Hunted! After years of holding back, I'm finally cutting loose, building an audience, and getting folks fired up to shoot their own episodes. I realize now that the future of the show lies in user generated content (like Youtube). My problem has always been that I get distracted or too busy and the show gets put on hold. If users can add their own content, the show sustains itself. I call it "Showstreaming" - like the new crazy "lifestreaming" twitter / facebook / social aggregator trend, but in the context of a show. And thanks to social network aggregators like, it no longer takes me hours to update Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, and the rest of the known metaverse. I can even do it from my new iphone - crazy! Yea, the internet is changing on a daily basis and the secret to success seems to be hanging on for the ride.