Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Contest Categories - Update

Awesome news guys, our longtime sponsor Vampfangs ( has agreed to sponsor a couple new contest categories. They are offering $100 online credit for best Hunted episode featuring their custom fangs. If you haven't seen their site, it's worth checking out. They have the best vampire teeth around, but they also feature cool FX contact lenses, makeup, costumes, jewelry, and more.

What's more, Vampfangs is offering an additional $250 in cash for "Best Vampfangs Commercial" which will air on their homepage with credits to the winner. The commercial can be 30-60 seconds and can either be part of a Hunted episode or a separate commercial.

But wait, there's more! The $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest now has two new contest categories - "Best Action Sequence" and "Hottest Female Vampire", both of which are offering an extra $100 cash prize.

So this is how it breaks down:
First Place - $1000
Second Place - $500
Third Place - $250
Best Action Sequence - $100
Hottest Female Vampire - $100
Best episode featuring Vampfangs - $100 (online credit)
Best Vampfangs Commercial - $250

Which means the contest now features $2300 in cash and prizes. Sweet! More than enough for a year's supply of Chalupa Grande meals! But you might want to get busy. Once again, the contest deadline is April 1st!