Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Hunted episodes are in! And they've got the weekend to tally as many hits as they can!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Yep, the "SlayerCon" episode is coming together extremely fast and it's turning into quite the event!  What was supposed to be our month for prepping The Hunted feature film with a quick pit-stop at a small newbie convention has become an epic episode with talent from around the world descending on a mega-con that will surely dwarf the sleepy little town of Las Vegas.

Thanks to the convention organizers, Tim Ruzicki and Jared Kirby, The Hunted had been given permission to run rampant over Combat Con - shooting at panels, demos, and virtually everywhere within the Nevada state limits.  What's more, we had a buncha eager volunteers and Hunted affiliates from around the country coming to this thing who are willing to do whatever our twisted little minds came up with.

I definitely didn't want this to distract from work on the feature (which has just been successfully funded thanks to Kickstarter).  But then I realized at some point that it was easier to allow all this energy to happen rather than trying to keep it contained.  And it was an opportunity not to be missed

So here we go.  I came up with a basic story premise that Combat Con was a front for a slayer convention which Bob and Kevin (Andrew Helm) were invited.  After driving out through the desert whilst surviving a few adventures along the way, they arrive at SlayerCon only to find out that the convention is being sponsored by head vampire bad guy Vincent Marlowe (Anthony DeLongis) who's marketing something called "SlayerAde".  The drink is supposed to give slayers enhanced strength and speed, but results may vary, and comedy ensues.

So while Tex Wall is cranking out pages of the feature film script, Andrew Helm has taken it upon himself to pen The Hunted episode known as SLAYERCON, which is now a 2 part, 20 minute epic!

In preparation for the episode, we've asked anyone who would like to participate sign into our Facebook Event.  We've also begun toying with some transmedia ideas, creating a site for and  And we've gone a bit crazy on the marketing and we've ordered 200 bottles of "Slayerade" and a huge "Slayerade" banner with hats and t-shirts.  Oh, and I just ordered 3 sexy nurse outfits.  And yes, those are also for the episode.

We've also ordered a big Hunted banner and 1000 buttons in preparation for Combat Con and other upcoming conventions such as the San Diego Comic Con in July.  And plans for Comic Con are a whole other story.  We're working on an ARG (alternate reality game) that will have fans track down and slay a vampire at the con for the chance to win a walk-on role in the feature film. 

Now I just have to find a source for good inflatable swords...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Headed to CombatCon in Vegas? Want to be in the next Hunted episode?
Told to me by Elan Lee of Fourth Wall Studios: "if you can figure out how to make UGC work, you'd be turning straw into gold!"

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Hunted episodes for the $1000 Youtube Contest are rolling in, and we've got some awesome entries! Check 'em out at