Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Contest Categories!

As you and your loved ones gather round the fire this holiday season after opening presents and eating copious amounts of turkey, the subject of vampires will inevitably come up - their alarming assimilation into society, their inevitable destruction, silly sword tricks, and how best to make all of this into a cheery Hunted episode eligible for the Second $1000 Youtube Contest!

Tis the season for giving and slaying, but also to remember slayers less fortunate than yourselves. For there are those who will not receive a shiny new blade under the tree this year. And some will need more than encouragement to don their winter clothes and trudge miles through the snow (uphill both ways) just to slay a single vampire.

But you can help! Even if you aren't planning on entering the contest, you can help me keep this crazy internet series alive and inspire our intrepid filmmaking slayers by donating to The Hunted. Donations will go directly to the winners of the Youtube Contest for categories such as "Hottest Female Vampire" (already has one sponsor), "Best Action", "Best Leather Jacket Worn by a Man With Three Toes", or whatever crazy category you come up with for a minimum $25 donation.

So come on guys, for just the price of a cup of coffee (or two really bad cups of coffee) you can make a wide-eyed slayer's dream come true, and also help me realize my dream of making The Hunted the first-ever internet series based on user content. Simply click on the donate button on the main page of our official website ( and list the category you'd like to see in our next contest.

Donate! So all might sing a slaying song tonight!

(...and some folks say that Vincent Marlowe's heart grew three sizes that day)