Tuesday, April 14, 2009

$1000 Youtube Hunted Video Contest!

So here's the official info for the contest - happy hunting!

Is your boss a vampire? Perhaps your co-worker, pool boy, crazy cat lady down the street, or meter maid? Join us in our fight to prove the existence of vampires among us. Post your video on our YouTube group and help make The Hunted the first internet series based entirely on user content.

Quick steps to enter contest:

Step #1 - Enter contest
Step #2 - Not sure about Step #2
Step #3 - Profit!

OK, maybe with a little more detail (for full details, see http://www.thehunted.tv/contest.html ):

1. Create a 6-8 minute Hunted episode in the style of the show (reality TV) following guidelines for The Hunted, Vampires and Slayers found at http://www.thehunted.tv/profile_frameset.htm

2. Subscribe to our channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/thehuntedtv and upload your episode to this group page by July 12, 2009

3. Also submit a full resolution (NTSC or better) Quicktime copy of the episode to our ftp site at ftp.thehunted.tv (With any FTP program, login with the user name "hunted" and password "Slayer4hire", and drag and drop your episode into this directory). Please keep the file size under 100MB in Quicktime format.

4. Tell your friends and family to watch and rate your episode.

Judging: Episodes will be judged on a combination of Youtube channel views, ratings & comments, originality, storyline, production value, acting, action, and whether or not it makes us laugh. Submissions will also be judged by a panel of professional judges from the entertainment industry including writers, producers, directors and stunt coordinators (Note: exact panel may change, subject to their professional commitments).

Prizes: Top entries will receive global recognition and eternal glory in the form of featured episode placement on The Hunted official website, as well as Youtube, Facebook, and Itunes podcast, and possible screening at 2009 ComicCon in San Diego. The top 3 entries will additionally receive a cash prize of $1000 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place. (See, we told you there'd be profit)

If you need help creating an episode or would like to offer your services, see our bulletin pages on our Facebook or Youtube group. For more information, thoughts, or observations, email us at contest@thehunted.tv.

Good luck and happy hunting!