Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Hunted - Update!

So what's been going on with The Hunted you ask? Even though it's not "contest season", The Hunted, our fans and affiliates - "Chronicles of Kendall", "The Hunted: Tampa", and "Expulsion" are busy writing, shooting and editing new episodes as we speak!

Episodes in the works also include the further adventures of "Leroy", an episode shot at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire by Bret Culpepper, the long-awaited LA "Audition" episode, and an all-out uber-episode combining multiple affiliates and slayers coming together in the St Louis area in October (where slayers go to die!)

And if you've ever considered shooting an episode of The Hunted, now is the time! Not only are all new episodes eligible for the next contest (our last contest featuring $2300 in cash and prizes), winning episodes are being featured at film festivals across the country...

The Hunted will once again be appearing at the insanely huge San Diego Comic Convention (http://www.comic-con.org/) which will be screening "Con Job 2" - shot at the convention last year featuring comic book legends "Len Wein and Marv Wolfman. Also in attendance will be our lovely Hunted "booth babes" Kimberly Fox and Chelsea Povall.

The Action on Film Festival (http://www.aoffest.com/) will be honoring our favorite nemesis, Vincent Marlowe (Anothony DeLongis), who will be receiving the AOF 2010 Dragon Award. The festival will be featuring Anthony's episodes from The Hunted including "Rendezvous", "Breakthrough", "Desert Storm", and Abbie Bernstein's episode "Overlords, Inc". Also featured will be the winner of our last contest "Bloodsucker Punch".

The Vampire Film Festival will be held in New Orleans once again this year (http://www.vampirefilmfestival.com) and I'm hoping to be in attendance to screen the winning episodes of The Hunted video contest: "Bloodsucker Punch", "Desert Storm", and "Infiltration".

Finally, congrats to our Hunted affiliate Kendall Wells! Thanks in part to Kerry Glover and Anthony DeLongis (official contest judges) Kendall was offered a role on "Leverage" that was supposed to be just a stunt guy, but when they realized he could act, they offered him a bigger role with the possibility of returning for another episode. During the last contest, Kendall also caught the eye of talent agent Michelle Braverman, and now has representation through KSR - one of the leading acting / action stunt agencies in Los Angeles!