Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Contest Judge - Michelle Braverman!

We are pleased (nay, thrilled) to announce that we have a new judge for our upcoming Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest:

Michelle Braverman - Agent / Director of Action Aces KSR (, one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood. Michelle's clients have worked in such films as "Pirates of the Carribbean", "Spiderman", "Flags of our Fathers", "3:10 to Yuma", "Panet of the Apes", "Transformers", "Alias", and "Buffy".

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second $1000 Youtube Contest Judges Announced!

The Hunted is proud to announce our awesome lineup of judges for the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest! Once again, in addition to the cash and prizes, it's a great opportunity for anyone producing an episode to have their work seen by top industry professionals such as...

Richard Ryan ( - Fight Coordinator for feature films such as "Sherlock Holmes", "The Dark Knight", "Golden Compass", "Stardust" and "Troy". He is also the only British Fight Master to hold Master status in the Society of American Fight Directors.

Matthew Gratzner ( - Co-owner of New Deal Studios (, producer of award-winning visual effects in films such as "Dark Knight", "Iron Man", "Watchmen", "Spiderman", "X-men", "Riddick", "Pitch Black", "Alien Resurrection", "Resident Evil 3" and "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Matthew has also recently been signed as the Director for the feature film "UFO".

Gillian Horvath ( - Creative Consultant, Producer, and Writer for TV shows such as "Highlander", "Xena", "Beastmaster", "Forever Knight", "Painkiller Jane", "Flash Gordon", "Queen of Swords", "Mythquest", and "Andromeda".

Len Wein ( - Comic book legend, writer and editor for Marvel and DC Comics, writer for TV shows such as "Human Target" and "X-Men", and creator of numerous superhero characters including "Wolverine" and "Swamp Thing".

David Boushey ( - Stunt Coordinator and Swordmaster who has been in the business for 35 years working on shows such as "Highlander" and "Twin Peaks". Founder of the Society of American Fight Directors and United Stuntman's Association, he currently runs the International Stunt School in Washington (

Anthony Delongis ( - SwordMaster, Weapons Expert and Actor credited in films such as "Fearless", "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull", "The Rundown", "Secondhand Lions", "Batman Returns", "Far and Away", "Sword and the Sorcerer", "Masters of the Universe", and on TV in shows such as "Highlander", "Star Trek Voyager", "Babylon 5", "Queen of Swords", "Magnificent Seven", "Sinbad", and "Conan".

Abbie Bernstein - Film Critic and Writer for Fangoria, Drama-Logue, IF Magazine, Dreamwatch, Drama-logue, and writer for books guides on Firefly, Serenity and Fantastic Four.

I will also be on the judging panel ( as Writer / Actor / Series Producer for "The Hunted", Star of "Ring of Steel" and "Dragon Fury", Fight Choreographer, Second Unit Director, and VFX artist on films such as "Shutter Island", "X-Men", "Cloverfield", "Riddick" and "Fantastic Four".

Note that our panel may change subject to professional commitments, and if there are any suggestions for additional or future judges (directors, agents, producers, casting directors) let us know!

Once again the episodes will be judged based on an average of votes between all of our judges along with Youtube channel views & ratings. The criteria for judging will include acting, action, storyline, production value & comedy with additional judging for best action sequence, hottest female vamp, best featured fangs and best 30 second Vampfangs commercial (which may or may not be part of an episode).

And once again, that's $2300 in cash and prizes for:
First Place - $1000
Second Place - $500
Third Place - $250
Best Action Sequence - $100
Hottest Female Vampire - $100
Best episode featuring Vampfangs - $100 (online credit)
Best Vampfangs Commercial - $250

Deadline is still April 1st - plenty of time to put an episode together. Two of our winning episodes from the last contest were shot and edited in under two weeks. Here's what they had to say:

So good luck guys and happy hunting!