Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hunted contest entries are online!

No thanks to the plague of technical problems experienced by our intrepid filmmaking slayers which we choose to blame on the mischievous Krayven, 21 Hunted episodes have been submitted to the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest!

The deadline for entries was April 12th, but the judging isn't until April 17th, so you've got until Saturday to check out the episodes and vote! And yes, episodes will be judged in part by Youtube hits and votes - so get cracking'!


Featured among the entries are a buncha great episodes from our affiliates - 2 episodes from Chris and Derek's show in Tampa, 3 episodes from Ned's "Expulsion" in New York with another episode from their instructor Mark in St Louis, and 4 from "The Chronicles of Kendall" in Oregon (a freakin' slaying machine). Oh yea, and there's that episode from freakin' South Africa!

There's a bunch more great episodes out there and I want to list them all, but I can't play favorites. I'm so glad we've got like eight judges since there are so many good episodes and it would be impossible (and potentially lethal) for one person to pick a winner. The last contest was extremely close and I hope folks realize that even if they don't win, the show is building some great momentum as one of the first Interactive Fiction (IF) web series, and the episodes are getting noticed. And not just by our awesome judges Richard Ryan, Gillian Horvath, Len Wein, Matt Gratzner, David Boushey, Anthony DeLongis, Michelle Braverman and Abbie Bernstein.

I'm happy to announce that after the first contest, Kendall Wells was seen in his episode "Don't Try This at Home" by a script coordinator on the TV show "Leverage". His information was passed onto casting and through a few other contacts (including our own Anthony DeLongis), he now has landed a featured role on the show. I have no idea where he had the time to whip out four new episodes.

So with a little luck and no interference from Krayven, the winners will be announced by the end of the weekend. Congrats again to all the entries, and for anyone who missed the deadline, know that any future episodes will eligible for the next contest.

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