Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hunted - Update!

Now that we've had time to settle into the new year, I figured it was about time to update folks on the latest from The Hunted and our plans for 2011!

First off, we're definitely holding another $1000 Youtube contest this summer (our third annual) with a new lineup of professional judges.  Stay tuned for more details.  And if you have any suggestions (for guest judges or otherwise), drop us a line at  We're also planning on braving this year's San Diego Comic Con once again and featuring our winning episodes at various film festivals.

Our big news - I've been talking to several studios recently and it looks like we'll finally be starting production on a feature film version of The Hunted this summer.  The hour long pilot was written years ago, but it's obvious that a feature film would be more marketable so it looks like I'm working on a rewrite.  Yep, pretty damn exciting, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  We've got several investors lined up and we will probably set up a campaign with Kickstarter so the rest of our fans can also get involved.  Once again. stay tuned...

Most importantly, during this time we're going to need some kickass episodes to keep the show going and generate buzz!  We need content, so if you've ever felt like shooting an episode (or know folks that might be interested), now is the time!  If you need more encouragement, check out our "top ten" list at  It looks like The Hunted is going to be getting a lot more attention in Hollywood this year.  Thanks in part to our last contest, Kendall Wells not only landed a role on "Leverage", but also signed with a top Hollywood agent.

As for other episodes in the works, we've got a bunch of filmmaking slayers kickin ass out there.  Brian Maris (winner of our last contest) is putting the finishing touches on his followup to "Bloodsucker Punch".  We also now have four affiliates across the country poised to release several new episodes, and here's what they gotta say:

The Hunted: Chronicles of Kendall, Kendall Wells
Chronicles of Kendall has all of episode 8 shot save for one short bit to be done (hopefully) this week (I hate depending on others with this). Shot the climax of episode 10 yesterday and portions of episode 9. So, all things are going well and should be done soon.

The Hunted: Tampa, Chris Fields
We have two more episodes done, only requiring a little bit of editing. I'm still on vacation though, get back intown tomorrow. I hope to get those episodes online in a few weeks. Also have the next 4 episodes written and ready to shoot :)

The Hunted: Vindication, Derek Conley
98% of our episode has been shot for a while; life issues have popped up.  Oh, and we're securing a several-million-dollar sound/editing facility for use 24/7 at will. So, that's been a focus.

The Hunted: Expulsion, Ned Donovan
Well hey y'all! Exciting things are happening for Expulsion! The school year got so stressful at the end that we sort of lost track of Expulsion due to necessity, but we've made up for it! Episodes 5 and 6 have been filmed and are out for VFX and score right now, as well as 7 is in the works between myself, Mark Bedell, and a guy named Nathanielle Crawford who's been hoping to start a version of The Hunted in Salem, MA. Mark and I and a TON of vampires are going down there on wednesday to film our own respective episodes about how our plotlines converged in Salem. It's gonna be a lot of fun, so stay tuned for 3 upcoming Expulsion episodes. Plus I'm about to go abroad for the semester to spend a semester in London (if you have any film or theatre friends doing projects over there, I'm always looking to build my resume!) and I'll be there with Graham, as well as taking a Staged Combat class along with the rest of my fellow Performance majors, so I'm sure we'll be getting some episodes going from over there!  So 2011 looks like a fun year to be part of The Hunted: Expulsion!
Ned Donovan (the Hunted: Expulsion) is looking to hook up with stage combat performers in the UK. Any suggestions?
Teaser for a new Hunted series shooting in Salem, MA:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just heard that our "Expulsion" affiliate is helping to shoot another Hunted episode in Salem, Mass! Sweet!