Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Hunted - Con Job

Bob, Kevin, Mikey, and members of The Hunted show up to a local Highlander convention in the hopes of spreading the word about vampire awareness (y'know, swords chopping heads off - same dif). Instead, they find fans who are more interested in photos and autographs of notable celebrities such as Braun - swordmaster for the Highlander TV show.

What's worse, the vampires have shown up for their own taste of fame.

Featuring: Anthony DeLongis, F. Braun McAsh, Robert Chapin, Andrew Helm, Maureen Russell, Morgan Ladd, Patti Pelton, The Contessa, Kit Davlin, Richard Alsabery, Darnell Mayfield, Kerry Glover, and The First-Ever Official Hunted Fans
Mikey: Jochen Repolust. Kerry Glover, Abbie Bernstein, Patti Pelton
Convention Coordinator: Lynn Loschin
Written by: Andrew Helm
Associate Producer: Susie Michaelsen

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