Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Update! Contest Deadline Extended & Streamy Awards

Holy crap, it's 2010! When did that happen? And where's my flying car? "Avatar" rocks by the way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So the Second $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest is underway and I've heard rumors of some awesome episodes in the works - several of which are overseas (England and South Africa of all places).

The one thing I have heard for certain is that folks wish there was more time to shoot and edit an episode. Well it just so happens that the CUT film festival has been pushed back which allows us to reschedule our deadline for April 1st.

So if you were thinking that there wasn't enough time to put together a kickass episode, think again! Even if you weren't thinking about shooting an episode, c'mon guys, it's $1000, great exposure, and the success of our show depends on as much content as we can get!

Also in the news, The Hunted is up for a STREAMY AWARD (really wish they would change that name) for "Best Experimental Series". Public voting ends this Friday and we could use your vote at (once again, our official URL is

Still to come - we are finalizing our list of judges for the $1000 Youtube contest and we're keeping our fingers crossed in the hopes of some awesome news. We're also hoping to announce a few new contest categories & prizes thanks to our fans and sponsors. Finally, The Hunted is planning on attending this year's San Diego "Comic Con" and LA's "Action on Film Festival" with the intention of screening our contest winners and spreading the word.

Like it or not, it's 2010. It may not be the party that you hoped for, but as long as you're here you might as well dance.

Thanks for watchin' guys!