Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hunted - Affiliate Update!

Good news for Kendall Wells, winner of our first $1000 Hunted Youtube competition. Kendall's winning episode "Don't Try This at Home" was seen by Kerry Glover, script coordinator on the TV show "Leverage" which shoots in Kendall's hometown of Portland, OR. Kerry passed Kendall's information on to Lana Veenker (casting director for Leverage, Twilight, and The Road) and Christian Kane (one of the leads). Production on the next season of "Leverage" begins early this year and we're keepin our fingers crossed for Kendall!

In the meantime, Kendall is shooting his latest episode of The Hunted for the upcoming $1000 Youtube contest, and has recently finished editing yet another Hunted epic "Desert Storm" shot on location at "Rancho Indalo" featuring Anthony Delongis and an all-Aussie stunt cast. Kendall is also one of our first official Hunted "Affiliates" - producing Hunted episodes under their own banner and URL. You can find his new series "Chronicles of Kendall" at

We're also proud to announce our Hunted Affiliate "The Hunted - Tampa" ( Chris Fields and Derek Conley have planned to follow up their pilot "Crossing the Line" with two new episodes which will be casting in Tampa at the end of the month. That is, unless their nemesis Krayven has anything to say about it!