Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Overlords, Inc.

Spent the last two weekends shooting the latest episode of The Hunted with Abbie Bernstein at the helm as our writer / director / producer. The episode looks like it's long enough to fill two episodes and is chock full of swordfights, locations, stunts, and amazing talent.

In addition to myself and Anthony DeLongis (reprising his role as our meglomaniac vampire baddie Vincent), the episode features Camden Toy (from the "Buffy" episode "Hush"), Bonnie Friedericy (from "Chuck"), and Steve Tartalia (Spike's stunt double from "Buffy").

We spent two weeks prepping for the shoot and working on swordfights. Camden and Bonnie were fantastic and Steve kept us on our toes with some of the fastest swordfights I've seen on the show.

The location was awesome thanks to Anthony, who offered his spectacular home "Rancho Indalo" located at the top of a ridge (and up a very scary road) in the heart of Canyon Country.

I don't want to give away too much, but the episode deals with Vincent trying to organize three other vampire "bosses" to work for him. Comedy and fights ensue in which I get dragged behind a horse and tossed off the side of a cliff. Special thanks to Kendall Wells, Jason Heck (for keeping me from ending up at the bottom of the cliff) and Jessica Cail - I owe you big time.

Here's a few shots thanks to Jess:

Anthony's wife Mary is also featured in the episode and managed to snap a few shots as well: