Sunday, April 18, 2010

$1000 Youtube Contest Results

...aren't in yet, but just I wanted to make sure that there are no hard feelings out there when the winners are announced. We're also waiting on the last of our online judges.

Yea, sorry guys, I know it's a bit of a tease (call it dramatic tension), but you should know that there were some really awesome entries and I'm just thankful that I'm not making this decision alone. We've got 8 judges, professionals in the industry, and the winning episodes had to have a combination of all of the criteria - acting, action, story, production value, and comedy.

We had some awesome entries last year that had amazing story, production value, and action sequences, but there was no comedy. Conversely, there were some hysterically funny episodes with no action. Futhermore, Youtube hits do count, but they are weighted against all the other criteria. Yea, we've got some serious statistics crunching going on here to make sure this is completely fair.

I just want to thank everyone for being a part of this contest, and I know it's a cliche, but I dig every one of these episodes. To me, the contest is about generating buzz, gaining momentum, attracting more sponsors, and getting folks to create their own content - something that no other internet show has been able to do. The reason Youtube has become the number one watched channel in the world is because it's based on user content. You guys are part of something new and it's quite awesome to see the show develop a life of it's own on virtually no budget.

OK, enough said. The next update will be contest results - I promise!

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