Sunday, August 1, 2010

AOF Screening and Comic Con!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting The Hunted at the Action on Film Screening last Tuesday night in Pasadena. It was awesome seeing all the episodes on a big screen and hearing an audience respond. Unfortunately, that's one of the things you miss when you create an internet series.

In attendance was our favorite nemesis "Vincent Marlowe", Anthony DeLongis (winner of the 2010 AOF Dragon Award) along with his entire entourage of students, minions and his lovely wife Mary, Jason McNeil of "Stars Stunts Action", Derek Conley all the way from "The Hunted: Tampa", swordmaker David Baker, Bret Culpepper of "The Hunted: Slayers Inc" and his "Huntedmobile" (yep, you heard me), Camden Toy (of Buffy fame) who was featured in Abbie Bernstein's Hunted episode "Overlords, Inc." (also in attendance), Brian Maris - director of the award-winning Hunted episode "Bloodsucker Punch", Andrew Helm - featured in the Hunted episode "Rendezvous", and my gal Jessica Cail who was featured in the Hunted episode "Breakthrough".

Not in attendance was Kendall Wells, even though he was practically in every episode shown that night including "Don't Try This at Home", "Desert Storm" and a fantastic new short he just put together with Anthony DeLongis called "Blood Trail", which won the AOF award for "Best Western".

And if that's not enough, last weekend also had the Hunted in the midst of the cosmic chaos that is San Diego Comic Con! Together with our booth babes Kimberly Fox, Chelsea Povall (both featured in "Con Job 2") and Jessica Cail (who produced the hell out of that episode), we rocked the Con and passed out almost 1000 "Bite Me" buttons in the first couple days. We could've passed out another 10,000 if we had them.

Had some great meetings and met up with some old/new friends including Len Wein (Creator of Wolverine), Mark Ryan (Transformers), Camden Toy (Buffy), Joe Gatt (Thor), TJ Storm (Conan), Sean Rourke (First Person Shooter), Michael Scott (Ryan vs Dorkman), and Michael Coleman (Con Job 2).

Yea, just a little overwhelming, but at least none of us got stabbed (even though I was carrying a couple swords which made security a little nervous), but we all survived with our inner geek intact.

Oh yea, and the TRON set behind Flynn's arcade was freakin awesome! For more pictures of all the awesomeness, check out our facebook album at