Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweet, sweet blogger!

So it looks like this blogging thing works! Awesome. Even with a computer science degree, it was beyond me how to get a show listed with Itunes. RSS feeds, XML coding, Itunes metadata, transverse molecular biology... ok, so the transverse thing isn't a part of it, but it might as well be. Slaying vampires is so much easier.

And then came Blogger. It's still not easy, but simplifies everything down to this: I post an episode with links to a youtube video and "enclosure" linking to an mp4 file hosted on my site. The blog is then read automatically by Feedburner (another free site) which converts it to an RSS feed which is then automatically read by Itunes.

Whew. Now if I can only find a way to simplify the rest of the process: updating the site with the latest episode along with updates to Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and the webiverse as we know it. Please let me know if anyone out there finds the "send all" button.

The Hunted - That's Showbiz

Wren is ready for her first big break in showbiz.

Unfortunately, the vampires got there first.

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