Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kickstarter Update!

Still can't believe we made it!  And I'm still overwhelmed by the donations from everyone.  It's all I can do to keep from quoting lines of "It's a Wonderful Life".

Our Kickstarter campaign ended just over two weeks ago with a total of $21,060!  We had 5 backers who pledged pledged $1000 or more, 21 pledged $100 or more, and 56 backers total!  We will be sending out a survey soon to get additional info for your rewards.  And like I said, every bit helped.  In addition to funding the feature, you guys also helped to spread the word about the show, which has helped us in all kinds of ways.  Our fanbase has easily doubled overnight and we've got more folks interested in adding content, which will continue to build our fanbase.

And just the fact that we've been essentially greenlit for a feature film is a HUGE deal in LA.  There are literally thousands of web shows in production right now hoping that someday someone will see their show and make it into a movie.  Well, we're not waiting for that to happen, we're making that happen, and I have you guys to thank for helping to make it a reality.

So the update I really would've liked to post today is that we had our first day of production and it was awesome!  I never would've thought that both Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp would be up for playing cameo roles, but they did a great job as spear carriers 1 & 2.  And it was nice of Spielberg to drop by and offer his services, but I told him we had it covered.

Yup, fun to muse about, and while there is plenty of cool news to be had, we're still holding off on production until we have a locked script.  It may sound obvious that you need a solid script before going into production, but you'd be surprised how many major feature films "wing it" with millions of dollars on the line.  Well, we don't have millions of dollars, so we have to make sure to get it right the first time.

The second draft of the script was completed last week and it's looking awesome thanks to Tex Wall and Andrew Helm.  We spent four hours in an IHOP in Burbank last night jumping around annoying the customers while we plotted out the lastest revisions.  I also have the script out to a couple readers and it's getting great reviews.  I'm hoping we'll have the next draft and a locked script before the end of the month so we can start production.  In the meantime, we've already started casting, working with scheduling software, evaluating equipment, scouting locations, etc.

And while all of this is going on, we somehow managed to stage our Third Annual Hunted Youtube Contest and shoot one of our most elaborate intro videos thanks to Charles Currier and the Los Angeles Fight Academy.  We ended up with 17 entries in the contest which were judged by industry professionals from around the world.  And our winning entries are pretty freakin awesome.  To see the intro video and the winning entries, check out

We also somehow managed to shoot one of our most ambitious Hunted episodes to date entitled "SlayerCon".  Written by Andrew Helm, we shot the episode last weekend in Las Vegas during the first ever "Combat Con" convention.  We were originally supposed to be one of the special guests, but the organizers were more than happy to feature a screening of our contest winners and help us out in any way.  Before we knew it, we were shooting an episode which involved Hunted affiliates from all over the country, a cameo by Anthony DeLongis and Kyle Rowling (Star Wars), a cast of 18 with costumes, props, extras, 200 custom printed "Slayerade" bottles hats and t-shirts, and a whole online transmedia campaign for and with custom websites.  For a complete breakdown of the crazy weekend, check out

The footage we got from the episode looks great, I'm really happy we did it, and it ties in great with the feature film.  But as much as I'd like to cut the 20 minute 2-part episode myself, the feature is still priority and we have an awesome editor stepping in by the name of John Bebiase who has volunteered to cut the episode for us.  Thanks John!

So even though we may not be in production yet, we're still going strong, and you guys can continue to help us out by spreading the word.  And we're not just looking for fans, we're looking for folks who can add content which will continue to expand the show.  So if you know any filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, stage combat folks, etc. who might be interested in shooting a Hunted episode, we need content right now more than ever!  It doesn't matter where they live, just send them to our website at  And note that any new episodes will be eligible for our next Youtube contest.

Thanks again guys, y'all rock!


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