Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kickstarter Update!

Hey gang, it's been a while since our last update but that's because things have been incredibly busy, which is a good thing!

If you haven't seen our Kickstarter campaign lately, we're over halfway to our goal with 46 days to go. Thank you all for helping us get this far. I'm overwhelmed by the folks who have come to our support. It isn't often you get to see how much people really do care about something you believe in. And it's really inspiring!
Unfortunately, Kickstarter is all or nothing (which is kind of what this year is about for me), and if we don't meet our goal, we get nothing. So please help us spread the word by passing on the link to our campaign - thank you, you continue to rock! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehunted/the-hunted-feature-film

Work continues on the new script and it's looking awesome! Andrew Helm (script coordinator for Flash Gordon and Mutant X) has come on board as a script consultant while Tex Wall is cranking out the pages. It looks like we'll have a first draft in the next couple weeks. We've even started preliminary casting, location scouting, and may have secured a Director of Photography, AJ Raitano (VFX Cinematographer for Night at the Museum and Shutter Island).

Chances are, however, that we probably won't be starting the first weekend of July since that's the fourth of July weekend. It also appears that all of Hollywood (including our cast and crew) will be in San Diego on the weekend of July 23rd for Comic Con, and that we should really be there as well promoting the show. Given our schedule calls for a minimum of 12 days production (6 weekends), that will probably take us to the end of August.

Meanwhile, we had a great feature film kickoff party / birthday bash / fundraiser / Hunted 10 year reunion at New Deal Studios on April 2nd. I couldn't imagine a better way to turn 39 again. The film stage at New Deal resembled a circus with jugglers, acrobats, swordfights, illuminated hula hoops and poi, a twinkie gun, amazing red velvet cupcakes and an awesome cake! We also had a fundraiser raffle where we gave out custom fangs, tshirts, Hunted DVDs, and a sword from my personal collection. Folks also got a tour of New Deal Studios - the all-service facility that's backing our feature, which also was kind enough to offer the stage space for the party.

Thanks to Jessica Cail for organizing the event and to everyone who came out to celebrate! I only wish we could've invited more folks, but we were already over our limit with 80 guests. However, we did put together a little video highlighting the festivities which you can find here: http://youtu.be/JZU8qqdShko

Amidst everything else, we're making plans for our Third Annual $1000 Youtube Contest. The contest has been one of the best ways we've found to create new online content and help spread the word. This is also one of the main reasons we're shooting the feature - to promote the online series which has the potential to be part of a much bigger plan.

Traditionally, I create a quick video explaining the rules for each contest, but thanks to Charles Currier and the folks at the Los Angeles Fight Academy, the quick video quickly became a full blown episode with plotlines, swordfights, vampire clans, and a sequence shot right on the steps of the famous Mann's Chinese Theater. You can find the episode and the contest here: http://www.thehunted.tv/frameset_contest.htm

Please forward this link to anyone you know who might be interested in shooting an episode of The Hunted or being a part of the show - regardless of where they live. All they need to do is create a 5-10 minute Hunted episode and post it on Youtube for their chance to win $1000. But hurry, the deadline for submissions is June 17th.

Winners of the $1000 Hunted Youtube Contest will be screened at the upcoming Combat Con on June 24th in Las Vegas, where The Hunted is a featured guest: http://thecombatcon.com/featured-guests
But of course, that's not all! We have also started making plans to shoot a Hunted episode at the convention which will feature myself, Anthony Delongis, Andrew Helm, and Hunted affiliates from across the country. The episode will directly tie into the feature, which will then help to tie the feature into the rest of the online series.

Finally, press for The Hunted has been heating up, and thanks to John Mosby at Impact Magazine, The Hunted shared the front page with Keifer Sutherland in April's issue of Impact along with a four page full color feature on The Hunted and our affiliates: Chronicles of Kendall, Tampa, Vindication, Expulsion, and Compton. A separate full page ad was also featured in May's edition and a followup article will focus on the upcoming contest winners and feature film. Thanks John!

So things are quickly building momentum to the point where the the feature is definitely a go. The only thing that stands in our way now is meeting our Kickstarter goal. So if ever there was a time to spread the word, that time would be now.

Thanks guys!

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