Monday, March 30, 2009

The Hunted - Update!

So folks have been asking how the show's going and I realized that no one knows how much activity is going on behind the scenes. So here's the latest on The Hunted:

The Hunted has been invited to be featured at the Vampire Film Festival ( this Autumn in New Orleans - Jess is stoked!

I've just filled out the paperwork to attend this year's Comic Con as a professional guest and I'm proposing a panel for The Hunted which will include a sword demo. Thanks to Anthony Delongis for offering his time once again to be my dance partner. Our other proposed panelists include Andrew Helm, Kerry Glover, Jessica Cail, Michael Coleman and Bret Culpepper who kicked my ass in gear to do this in the first place. I don't think we'll be doing a booth, but I am in contact with booth babes who may be walking around with our "Bite Me" buttons, which are a big hit.

John Mosby recently published a feature on myself and The Hunted for Impact magazine. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll be posting it online whenever it makes its way here from the UK. Upcoming interviews also include Abbie Bernstein article for "If" online magazine and Christopher Moshier for

Since I've opened the show up to user content, I've had all sorts of interest in folks creating their own episodes. The concept here is to have the first internet series based entirely on user content. However, I'm not approaching just anyone. For swordplay, I've put the word out there to virtually every stage combat organization in the world. I'm sure there's going to be even more interest when I announce the contest I have in mind - the first Hunted Film Festival with cash prizes for best episodes. Users would upload their video on the youtube group and the winning entries would also premiere at Comic Con.

As for new episodes, here's what's in the works at the moment...

* Abbie Bernstein is currently working on a script for "Overlord" with myself, Anthony Delongis, and a few surprise guests from "Buffy."
* Haven't heard from her in a while, but Dorte Jensen is planning a "Hostel" type episode shot in Germany.
* Logan Boettcher has written a wonderful "Twilight" parody to be shot at a local high school in Palos Verde.
* Another Twilight parody has been proposed by Kendall Wells (student of Anthony Delongis) to be shot in the actual Oregon location.
* Michelle Lee has expressed and interest in shooting an episode and I'm working up a "Big Trouble in Little China" script that will probably include Tim Storms and members of the Reel Kick stunt team, Anthony Delongis, and another surprise guest star. Footage has already been shot of the Chinese New Year's parade in downtown.
* Bret Culpepper, same guy who's kicking my ass to get to Comic Con has several episodes in development and is helping to produce and episode I've written entitled "Vamps Gone Wild" to be shot at one of the local goth clubs like "Bar Sinister".
* A "Beach Blanket Bingo" episode has been discussed with my buddies at Santa Monica's Muscle Beach - proposed training ground for The Hunted.
* Andrew Helm (Evil Kevin) and Maria Alexander are teaming up on a mystery project which I'm dying to see.
* James Houston and Rich Manley from Sidekick Cinema have a badass vampire fight they're looking to commit to an episode.
* I'm cutting together an episode we shot years ago called "The Audition" which features "Muffy" taking out a vampire who decides to crash our audition for new slayers.
* Ed Douglas (from Stalker 2) is choreographing a katana fight with his students for an upcoming episode.
* Patt Paczynski has several episodes in the works and has contacted Chris Vivo and his historical combat class about putting together an episode.
* Mark Bedell in Maine has expressed an interest in developing an episode for his stage combat class.
* I've talked to Chris Ready, Brian and Suki Peters about shooting an episode in St. Louis at the City Museum, which would totally rock!
* Darnell Mayfield and Richard Alsabery may be revising their characters from "Blade in training"
* I've got a couple great scripts "Arsenic and Old Blades" written by Laura Brennan and "Date with an Angel" by my bro Stuart Chapin which we've already shot half the episode.
* And last but not least, there's still the six part pilot episode I'm holding off on shooting until the rest of the show can stand on its own.

In terms of resources, I've got a host of names who are interested in working on an episode or just helping out. I'm thinking about putting together some sort of extensive contact list (like the "join us" page on for folks looking for cast, crew, equipment, or locations for their episode.

With whatever time I have left, I'm trying to spread the word about The Hunted by immersing myself in the internet - everything from Twitter (which I still don't understand) to Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Funny or Die, Itunes podcasting, and of course Youtube. If you have any suggestions, please pass them on to And if you have anyone who might be interested and/or qualified to shoot an episode, please pass the word.

Thanks guys!

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